MarsieTshirtHi, I’m Marsie Hall Newbold! Welcome to Marsie’s Menagerie, a fun and informative space where I turn the spotlight on owners and their pets; telling their unique stories and asking experts for guidance. If it is furry, feathery or finny, I write about it.

Like Dr. Doolittle before me, if it were humanly possible, I could quite literally “talk to the animals” because I’ve been obsessed with them since childhood. Through the years my personal menagerie has included dogs, frogs, hamsters, turtles, birds, bunnies…even Sea Monkeys! My first pet was an “imaginary dog” named Zero when I was three years old. Zero’s friend was an “imaginary parakeet” named Chocky (after my chewable vitamins.) A conscientious pet owner even then, I’d make my parents walk down the street holding an imaginary leash. (Because if they didn’t, I’d pitch a hissy-fit!)

Zero the “imaginary dog” became Zero Amy, my first dog (and sister), a Border Collie who lived to be 18 years old. She was joined by a green and yellow Budgie named (you guessed it,) Chocky.

My husband Tom and I are parents to Nosey Anne Luestella Pearl, a 2 year old Basset Hound who is, quite literally, spoiled rotten and we would have it no other way.

Through the years I have experienced most everything a pet owner can. There is almost no animal that I haven’t cleaned up after, been bitten or scratched by. I’ve played midwife to hamsters, comforted canines during thunderstorms and treated an infected swim bladder on a $50 goldfish.

Between you and me, I have never left the house without having at least some fur on my clothing. I wouldn’t feel completely dressed without it! That’s the beauty of having a black, white and russet-y brown dog. If I wear something dark, the light fur shows; if I wear something light, vice-versa! Funny how that works out. Perhaps I should invest in the lint brush industry!

But most importantly, I have been blessed with the love of many wonderful animals. My pets have romped with me when times were good and allowed me to weep into their fur when they weren’t. My life would be empty without them. Something tells me that yours would too.

Thank you for visiting “Marsie’s Menagerie.” Let’s play, but always remember…no nipping!

No Nipping